Event Calendar & Event Registration

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Event Calendar & Event Registration

Every feature of our event system is carefully designed to convert your website visitors into your event attendees.

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Frictionless Event Calendar

Your website visitors browse your event calendar simply by scrolling, without having to click from month to month. Hovering over an event in your calendar brings up a instant preview. All this reduces the number of clicks it takes to find an event, promoting discovery and reducing friction.

Infinite Calendar

One page event

One Page Event Registration

Reduce checkout abandonment for your events by over 20%! Your website visitors view, register and pay for an event all on the same page. A quick, seamless, single-step experience, minimizes drop-offs during the checkout process.

Calendar invites

Event Reminder

Event registrants automatically receive a confirmation email that includes a calendar invitation, so they can easily add your event to their calendar with just one click!

Easy Setup

Easy Event Ticketing & Event Registration Setup

  • Limit event capacity
  • Create free and paid event tickets
  • Create public or member only tickets
  • Limit ticket quantities
  • Create custom event registration questions

Events + Membership = One Cohesive System

  • Create member only tickets or tickets available for specific membership levels.
  • Event registrations and payments are automatically logged in your member’s Timeline, even if they are not logged in.
  • New members have their Timeline automatically filled out with any previous event information.
  • Add a non-member attendee to your membership database right from the event dashboard.
Easy Setup

Drag & Drop to Repeat Event

Repeat an event on your event calendar simply by dragging and dropping an existing event to a new date.

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Event Management System

  • Email all your attendees as a group
  • Cancel, refund or edit an event registration, or the entire event
  • Export to a spreadsheet or QuickBooks
  • Check in attendees


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