Members Only Website

Create more value for memberships by giving your members special access to your web content, members directory, event calendar, event registrations and more!

Control access by membership level, folder or labels, allowing you to create multiple levels of access to your site. Access is also tied to the member’s membership status, once their membership is expired, you can automatically revoke access after a specified number of days. Contacts under an account can sign in on your website and receive access privileges inherited from their parent account, in addition to specific labels that you assign to them (for example, committee members).


Members Only Content and Pages

You can hide or limit access to your web content from non-members. Learn how it works on:

Members Only Directory

Limit information in your member directory to members only, or members with specified levels of access. By setting up sections of the directory profiles to be visible to certain levels or labels, you can provide multiple layers of access to your members directory.

"I installed this plugin and the associated login connector and love the layout and how easily you can integrate it into the site. The support team on Google+ community are extremely pro-active and get back to you within a few hours with a solution and good guidance if you're stuck. They also welcome ways in which to improve the plugin which is fantastic. I highly recommend this plugin; the team make all the difference!"

— Jean Atkinson
The Marketing Minds Academy

Members Only Calendar

Only allow certain members to view events in certain categories, or restrict your entire events calendar to members only.

Members Only Event

Control who can register for your events by creating event tickets that require an active membership, or a certain membership level/label to purchase or register.

Member Events

Allow members to add events to your event calendar, or provide administrative access to events for your committees or volunteers. You have full control over which member group can add or edit events, whether the events require your approval to be shown on the calendar, and how much access the members have to event registration and event ticketing.

Member Only Store

Create store items available to just your members, or create member only surveys, committee sign-up forms and more through our Donations, Shopping Cart & Forms feature.