Membership Software

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Membership Software

Allow your members to do more on your website and automate more of your day-to-day administration.

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360 View with Dashboard

See your membership statistics, recent member signups, renewals, event registrations, financials and more. Review everything you need to know for the day, in one place on the member dashboard.


Membership Management

Custom Fields

Custom Fields

Customize your membership database with information that you need. Create custom fields that can be configured to be for private admin use only, or available for members to access and update. Custom fields can also be displayed in your online members directory.

Member Labels

Group Members with Labels & Folders

Stay organized by using labels to group your members by membership levels, committees, and more. Or segment your members into folders. Quickly retrieve any of your member groups to email them as a group or export their information.

Search Members

Smart Member Search

Search for your members by name, keywords, labels or custom fields, so you can quickly locate the members you are looking for without fuss.

Email Member List

Email Member List

Quickly email all of your members, or any group of members straight from your search results.

Member timeline

Membership CRM

Timeline lets you see a member’s history at a glance – notes, payment history, donations, events, and more. Timeline is integrated with the billing and event systems, to automatically record payments, membership renewals, and event registration/attendance.

You or your member can add contacts to an account, so you can track family members, people within an organization or even multiple business locations.

Member Sign Up

Online Membership Applications

Members can sign up and make their membership payment right from your website. Fully customizable application templates allow you to setup multiple form tabs, custom fields and questions, and display or hide sections of the application form depending on the membership level.

Member Sign In & Online Renewals

Existing members can sign in to their accounts on your website using just their email address, to update their account information, member directory listing, and deals, as well as make renewal payments and/or upgrade/downgrade their memberships at any time.

Daily Membership Report

Automated Emails

New member welcome email, payment receipts, upcoming renewal and past due notices are sent out automatically to your members.

Daily Email Report

Keep tabs on your organization with a daily email that lets you know of membership activity that day.

Multiple Admins

Multiple Administrators & Access

Setup multiple administrators and provide different levels of access according to your needs. You can restrict access to specific folders, provide read only access, restrict access to dashboard, messages, events, donations, shopping carts, forms, and more!

* Feature only available on 300 member/account plans and higher

Hosted Secure

Enterprise Grade Security & Redundancy

Your member list and event data is hosted by MembershipWorks, so you can be re-assured that your data is safe and reliably accessible.

  • Triple redundancy
    Each piece of data is replicated to 3 independent servers at any one time so your data is not affected by any single hardware failure
  • Daily backups
    In addition to active redundancy, your data is backed up daily to long term storage
  • High availability servers (99.95%)
    For hosting your mission critical data
  • High speed in-memory databases
    Best in class response times to maximize your productivity and customer conversion rates
  • Layered security and firewalls
    Protects against data loss and intrusion
Online Help

Built for Humans, not Robots

MembershipWorks is a modern web application, built around how you use it, not just a thin veneer over a database. This means little or no training, so new volunteers or employees can become more productive, more quickly. Lots of online videos and help are also just a click away.

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